• 100 000 BND Coins
  • Microsoft Windows/Server based server
  • Static Public IP
  • Port 37001 allowed access from external to the server on the firewall

This guide will use Windows as a main wallet & masternode

1. Download and install the Blocknode wallet from Github

The default data location of the Blocknode files are in:


2. Run the wallet and give it time to sync with the Blocknode blockchain, once done the wallet will open

3. Get the Receiving Address from the Menu > File > Receiving addresses

4. In the Receiving addresses window, copy the address of the wallet and send exactly 100 000 BND to this address

5. Give it a few moments and you will see the 100 000 BND displayed in your wallet

6. Open the Debug Console from the menu by going Tools > Debug Console

7. Run the following two commands and copy/paste the information into a notepad file since you will require it to setup the masternode

masternode outputs

This will provide the TXHASH & OUTPUTIDX

masternode genkey

This will provide the PRIVATE KEY

8. Open masternode.conf by typing %appdata% into your explorer > Blocknode

9. Create a new line to the document and added the following data in a single line as below:

  • Alias/Name of Masternode
  • Public IP:Port (37001)
  • Masternode Private Key
  • Txhash
  • OutputIDX

(# in the front of a line indicates a comment and will be not be run or executed by the wallet)

Save and close masternode.conf when done

10. Open blocknode.conf that is located in the same directory as the masternode config file and complete the config as below. Substitute your own values that you received from the console commands.

rpcuser=long random username
rpcpassword=longer random password
externalip=your unique public ip address
masternodeaddr=your unique public ip address
masternodeprivkey=from masternode.conf / console output

Save and close the file once completed

11. Close & Re-open the wallet

12. From the side menu open Masternodes and start the listed masternode

13. To check the status of your masternode open the console and run

masternode status
    "txhash" : "jse9grj983j4f9j349fj34r",
    "outputidx" : 1,
    "netaddr" : "x.x.x.x:51472",
    "addr" : "D0w3j948f98ejb90ejf498j349fj394jf",
    "status" : 4,
    "message" : "Masternode successfully started"

The following statuses will give you an indication of what is wrong with your masternode

MASTERNODE NOT CAPABLE: 2  (coins not correct; check firewall)
MASTERNODE STOPPED: 3 (like it says: stopped)
MASTERNODE INPUT TOO NEW: 4 (wait a few minutes)
MASTERNODE PORT NOT OPEN: 6 (firewall not open)
MASTERNODE PORT OPEN: 7 (wait a few minutes)
MASTERNODE SYNC IN PROCESS: 8 (wait a few minutes)
MASTERNODE REMOTELY ENABLED: 9   <<--- working 100%